About Us


To build an environment…

Where customers, employees, and owners alike are drawn to the business because their
desires and needs are heard and felt;

Where one leaves feeling physically and emotionally stronger;

Where one returns not because they have to, but because they want to;

Where one’s expectations will be met and exceeded time after time.


Port Allegany Pharmacy has been a family owned & operated business serving the Port Allegany, PA community for over 75 years!

  • In 1937, the store, which would later be know as Port Allegany Pharmacy, first opened under the Zewald family.
  • Purchased by the Elliott family in 1948 & renamed “Elliott’s Pharmacy”
  • In 1973, the Farber family became owners of Elliott’s Pharmacy
  • In 1977, the Farber’s renamed their store to  Port Allegany Pharmacy
  • After 38 years of serving the Port Allegany community, the Farber’s  sought to retire, and began to seek a purchaser for their business who would remain dedicated to the customers they had served for so long. With a vision to continue Port Allegany Pharmacy’s long legacy as an independent pharmacy serving the community, Scott & Kelly Newton purchased the business from the Farbers in 2011.

The Newton Family, and the incredible, friendly staff of Port Allegany Pharmacy, appreciate our local community and your dedication to supporting locally owned, independent businesses and look forward to continuing to offer the level of care and service you should expect. We are invested in our area’s continued growth, health and success!

Your Health Is Our Business!

Thank You For Trusting Us for Over 75 Years!

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