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As you are well aware, our community is beginning to feel the effects of COVID-19.  In our best efforts to protect our patients and our staff from the spread of this virus, Port Allegany Pharmacy will be making some required changes, effective immediately.  Port Pharmacy will still be operating under our normal business hours; however, as of Tuesday, March 17th, we will be implementing a temporary closed-door policy in which we will be servicing you only through our free delivery service or curbside pickup.  You can continue to contact us via phone 814-642-2871, our website, or by downloading our new mobile app, RxLocal.  When requesting your refills, please let us know if you’d prefer curbside pickup or delivery, your method of payment (credit card, check or cash – we will not be able to provide change) and when you will be needing your medications filled.

When you arrive to pick up a medication,
please TEXT US at 814-228-5059
and we will bring it out to you.  If you don’t have a phone, please ring the doorbell once and someone can come out to speak with you, within a safe distance.

Please note that our text service is not HIPAA secure. Please do not text any private or personal information. 

By working together, we feel we can help slow down the spread of the virus within our community.  We ask you to please be patient with us as we work through these changes together, as they are as new to us as they are to you.  We are truly grateful to all of our patients for their cooperation in this matter, and our prayers and well wishes extend to everyone in the Port Allegany community and beyond.